Don't Let The Heat Escape

Heatsaver will help you eliminate significant heat loss over the cooler months

Block Heat Loss

Heatsaver Vent Covers Australia Easy Install

Easy Install

Heatsaver vent covers help eliminate significant heat loss from your vents and stop cold draughts from coming in. The white, elegant and clean design will suit match your interior design aesthetic.

Heatsaver Vent Covers Australia Vent Blade Protection

Protect Vent Blades

Not only do they save the warmth, Heatsaver vent covers will protect your blades from damage.

Looking to reduce heat loss from your evaporative coolers? You're in the right place

Heatsaver vent covers have been designed to fit over air conditioner outlet vents and eliminate heat loss, while also stopping draughts coming through your vents.

Designed and produced in Queanbeyan, these local vent covers will protect all vents in your home, helping maximise your energy efficiency and heating costs this winter.